Traditional White Domino Cards – Double sided


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Double Sided Domino Cards

This product is used by clubs and groups throughout the uk for raising funds.

Its ideal for selling anywhere, from in the club or pub to even on a bus trip to the races

basically you sell the 28 numbers on the card, lets say for £1.00 each. this brings in £28.00. Then you ask someone to draw a domino (or just call one out). lets say its 2-4. The next step is to peel back the perforated strip and whichever number is next to the 2-4(or 4-2, they are the same domino) is the winner.

On collecting £28.00 the recommended pay out would be £20.00. Which means the club makes £8.00.

Now in a pack of 25 double sided cards this means your actually getting 50 cards to sell, or a pack of 100 gives 200 sales, So the potential is huge.

This small product could make your small group or organisation very sound financially.

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